Top 8 Ways to Save on Home Renovation Projects This Summer

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With the days longer in the summer, it makes it a perfect time to enhance your home with that project you have been waiting to do all year. Home renovations can be overwhelming especially when you are not sure what the costs may be. Whether your home renovation project is big or small, saving costs where you can will really add up in the long run. Check out our top 8 tips to help you save on home renovation projects this summer and get the most bang for your buck on your next home project.

  1. Stick to a budget – this may seem like one of the simpler things to do but, don’t overlook it. Before you begin your project do research. Look into what average costs are for the job and add an additional budget to that. This will allow you some wiggle room and prevent stress later on when the job is already started.
  2. Wait For Sales The Balance, shares that traditionally, spring and summer products usually go on clearance in June and July, and fall and winter merchandise usually go on sale in January after the winter holidays. With a little advance planning, you can save significant amounts of money. Start getting the list of items you will need together now and once June hits, search for those sales!
  3. Use Look A-likes – Have you been looking at adding mahogany floors to your living room? Mahogany can be quite an expense, look into more affordable options such as Khaya or Sapele. Doing this for a majority of the items you need can save you a lot of money and, no one will. notice.
  4. Use Standard Sizes – Custom sizes can often cost more than double what a normal size costs. To cut costs use standard sizing, this will also allow you to have more options when it comes to molding, color accents, and more.
  5. Re-Use Materials -Salvage yards and Habitat for Humanity ReStores are a great way to look for materials at a lower cost. Buy and sell marketplaces such as the Dibbs app is a great place to look as well. Sometimes you may find a load of lumber leftover from someone else’s project! 
  6. DIY – DIY is a growing way of home renovation and with so many people out there sharing tips and tricks why not take a try at doing your project on your own? Youtube is a great tool to utilize for this or, Facebook community groups!
  7. Enlist Help – some things aren’t better when cutting corners. When you need something done correctly, don’t be afraid to enlist help. Have a budget in mind and search for the professionals in your area.
  8. Use the Dibbs app. Dibbs is the new app for buying and selling in the marketplace. If you have a job you need to be completed by a professional, post it on Dibbs with our easy-to-use templates and let the professionals come to you. Looking for extra material for your job? Search on Dibbs and bid on a post. It’s really that easy. You can download the app today and start seeing your project come to life.

Home renovation should be exciting. Remove the stress with these tips and get started. Questions about the Dibbs app? Reach out to our support team and start saving time and money today.