Lumber Prices Soar Due To Shortage

Lumber Prices

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While the housing industry is booming the lumber industry is suffering. Demand for lumber is increasing and the lack of supply is creating a huge increase in prices. The global pandemic of COVID – 19 forced lumber production to shut down back in April of 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, in addition to the shutdown there was an increase in tariffs that were added to the cost of lumber as well.


How Will Lumber Prices Affect Homeowners or People Looking to Buy New Homes?


News19 shared an article that shared recent market data on the prices of lumber in the past months. The article states that “Lumber prices have more than quadrupled since the pandemic started,” With this information, some builders may suggest to homeowners that they hold off on the renovations they are looking to complete. Lumber is not only needed for the foundation of home construction but is also used in materials for cabinets, flooring, windows, and doors. This means that homeowners should expect to see an increase in prices for these projects as well. While there is no evidence that shows if this increase will stop any time soon the National Home Association of Builders provided the following facts:


  • The spikes in lumber prices have added nearly $36,000 to the average price of a new single-family home, and nearly $13,000 to the price of a multifamily home since April 2020

  • Lumber prices have increased nearly 50% since April which is the largest four-month gain since 1949.

  • The housing sector has been and still is a leader in the nation’s economic recovery. These high increases in prices can potentially hurt housing affordability for Americans.

In May of this year, the FLCP (Framing Lumber Composite Price) topped $1,500 per thousand board feet. This is nearly three times the pre-pandemic record. With prices increasing almost triple it’s no surprise that some projects need to be put on hold. With the uncertainty of what to expect in 2022 for the lumber and housing industry, you can best be assured that Dibbs is doing its part to keep you updated.

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