Is There an App for Buying Construction Materials?

buying construction material

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A lot of contractors have expressed a need for buying construction material at an affordable price and that fits their timeline. Searching and contacting various sellers often requires multiple searches if your project has more than one aspect. The process to find the best supplier can take weeks and even then, you may still be missing out on a better price and better quality. The process for finding supplies is not up to date with the current technology available and poses some major challenges ​​with productivity in the industry.

How Do Contractors Find Supplies Currently?

The current process for finding new supplies goes something like the following:

  1. Research The first step is to look at and identify potential sources for all of the building supplies needed. This is typically completed on a regular basis as oftentimes, contractors have more than one job they are working on.
  2. Request a bid Once a contractor finds the company that they want to work with, they can begin the process of receiving bids. Bidding allows you to determine the best price for the materials needed. Currently, this process is time-consuming, and you can view the typical bidding process here. The Dibbs app allows you to do this in half the time automating the process for you and letting the suppliers come to you.
  3. Pick a Winner Once you receive the requested bids now it is time to choose who you want to work with. You should review every aspect of the bid. The time to get the materials, the price, and the quality.

How can the bidding process be easier?

Most processes in different industries change quite frequently to keep up with competition and the needs of their consumers. The construction industry, however, does not follow this. So, it makes sense that the process for bidding on supplies is time-consuming, old, and needs to be updated. Dibbs changes that. Dibbs was created to help contractors and suppliers, sell more and stress less. Dibbs takes the friction out of bidding. Dibbs allows you to post your job, or materials needed and let the bids come to you. You will no longer have to send out countless bid requests, wait for responses or follow up on your own – Dibbs does this for you!

Just take a look at the video below to learn more and see how it works: