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What Others Say

Getting to have the job from start to finish with quotes, bids, payments and contracts right in front of me is a very unique and time saving tool to have.

Keith MacDonald

R&R Construction

There is so much potential in this app where I can be accepted for a job and then turn right around and buy my materials all in one place.

Dominik Chilomer

Chilomer Builders

I feel like I have exclusive VIP status to the marketplace when I am using the app​.

Erica Kelley

Phoenix Property Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Dibbs is a groundbreaking new mobile app for IOS and Android that serves as a marketplace for end users searching for qualified contractors to take on their home improvement and construction projects. This includes homeowners, facilities managers, real estate investors, developers, and more.

Dibbs is designed to be Homeowners, Developers, General Contractors, and other end users looking for qualified pros to complete their home improvement and construction projects.

We know the pain associated with the way the current bidding process unfolds. It’s unorganized and time consuming with little piece of mind being afforded that you will receive the best price and quality for services you need completed. We aim to help you save time, money, and energy by connecting you with qualified professionals, faster.
We are currently available for download and use in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut . We are working diligently to expand our geographic footprint, so if you are outside of these areas don’t worry! Dibbs will be coming to your neighborhood soon.
It’s easy, just go to the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users) and search for Dibbs. You will see our signature logo, a D with a red arrow around it, and know you’re in the right place. Follow the steps for account creation once you’ve downloaded the app.
Absolutely not. You DO NOT need to be an expert to use Dibbs, our app is tailored to you! Dibbs was designed with input from industry professionals to be accessible and user friendly. Upon signing up, you will be able to select which type of user you are to ensure you can use Dibbs in the way best suited for your situation.
Our data is hosted on Google Cloud servers in the United States. We employ a number of security measures to protect your account, your data, and to promote a safe and secure experience on Dibbs.
These security measures include the following:
  • Sensitive details, such as your password, are encrypted before they’re stored.
  • Our mobile and web applications securely communicate with our servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with up-to-date configurations and ciphers.
  • Once we verify your banking credentials, we’ll never read them again. We use trusted third-party integrations that mask these credentials to access sensitive bank information like account numbers and available balances.
  • We also offer two-factor authentication with an external authenticator app or via SMS. We highly recommend enabling these features on Dibbs and any other application you want to keep secure.
  1. Select Profile in the bottom right had side of the app.
  2. Select Sign In & Security.
  3. Enter your current password and then create a new one.
  4. Save your changes.
On the home page of the app, all of your bids can be found in either the Open, Won, or Lost within the Bids tab.
You will receive a phone notification alerting you once you have won a bid. You will also see all of your active bids that have been selected under the “Won” section of the bids tab.
Anyone in our user base that may be interested in your services. Our chat feature is meant to help you communicate with potential bidders or customers, depending on how you are using Dibbs.
Of course, you can bid on as many jobs as you want. Just make sure you can meet the deadline of completing each job if your bid were to win all of them. You can also negotiate project completion dates within your bid, just make sure to keep timelines realistic.
The time and price ranges posted are just a guideline. You can still bid on the job with a price or an expected completion date outside of the poster’s range. If they are unwilling to compromise to a more realistic price range and completion date, they will learn by seeing other similar posts with more realistic expectations for price and timeline.
Yes. You can track contract milestones, payments, materials, and signed contracts through the app. In your profile, the entire job will be right in front of you to reference from start to finish.
You should see a chat bubble at the bottom right had side of your browser in the Support tab on the mobile site. Open that up to chat with one of our support staff or leave a message if nobody is available at the time. On the app, you can navigate to “Profile” and then “Help.”