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Dibbs takes the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products and services in the construction and real estate marketplace.  The current bidding process is unorganized, time-consuming, and there is little peace of mind about getting the best price and the best quality for services and materials. Dibbs is a digital marketplace that expands the network for sellers and buyers. 

Luke Fleury, Founder, and CEO of Dibbs is also a Real Estate Developer and General Contractor. He knows firsthand, the frustrations of spending countless hours finding the lowest rates on projects and materials. This frustration is what inspired him to create Dibbs. 

Case Olszewski, COO, and Co-Founder of Dibbs has a strong background in technology and finding technological solutions to issues people may face. This background and passion for Luke’s vision made him a great partner for Dibbs.

App Launch: February 22, 2022

HQ Location: Newport, RI

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  • Please download the link and view Dibb’s logos:Logo files right arrow
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  • Dibbs was a recent winner of the ABA’s Stevie Awards for Start up of the year. You can find logos here:Awardsright arrow
  • Find information about our Referral Program and steps on how to enter here:Rhode Island Referral Programright arrow
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What Others Say

Getting to have the job from start to finish with quotes, bids, payments and contracts right in front of me is a very unique and time saving tool to have.

Keith Macdonald

R&R Construction

There is so much potential in this app where I can be accepted for a job and then turn right around and buy my materials all in one place.

Dominik Chilomer

Chilomer Builders

I feel like I have exclusive VIP status to the marketplace when I am using the app​

Erica Kelley

Phoenix Property Management