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5 Things We Would Never Do as a Home Renovation Marketplace

We’ve been there. We’ve spent money downloading apps to try and find the best contractor for a home renovation only to be contacted by hundreds of professionals that do not meet our criteria. We have wasted our day waiting at home for the professional to show up only to find that their costs do not align with over budget. We’ve worked with people who share their expertise but the work comes out subpar and we are left frustrated and out of money. Trust us when we say we have tried it all. That’s why we created a marketplace that takes the frustration out of home renovation – Dibbs. 

Five things we would never do as a home renovation marketplace.

    1. Pay to find a contractor – The Dibbs marketplace connects homeowners to trusted professionals that they need in their area. Dibbs is free to download and free to post. Once you post your job, contractors will bid on your post (again, this is free) when you find a contractor you like and want to work with you can then move forward in the renovation process.
    2. Work with a professional that has not been vetted. Reviews and certifications are something that should not be looked over. Working with someone with bad reviews due to a discount could end up as a home renovation horror story. We truly believe that reviews can be a make or break it for professionals. With Dibbs, you will only find professionals that have been vetted and are trusted in your area. Ask for reviews via the chat platform and even FaceTime with potential contractors.
    3. Pay more for a service than your neighbor. Why spend more money on the same job that your neighbor got? With Dibbs, transparency is key. You will be able to scroll through posts in your neighborhood and see what professionals are quoting those jobs at. Not sure what your budget should be? With Dibbs you can do a little scrolling and decide on a fair budget to get your renovation completed.
    4. Waste time calling multiple professionals for a quote. This is probably one of our top benefits of the Dibbs marketplace. Gone are the days are searching for professionals online and contacting each company. No longer do you need to repeat the details of your home renovation and wait for a callback. With the Dibbs marketplace, you post your job and allow professionals to come to you.
    5. Schedule meetings for professionals to come see the space. Again, this is a top benefit of Dibbs. Anything that can save you time is a top benefit in our eyes. With Dibbs, you can FaceTime professionals and add images and sizing of your project before the professional comes to your house. What does this mean for you? You do not have to wait at home for someone to come who does not meet your criteria. Before the professional comes to your home they will already have most of the details needed to make the most out of their visit.

How to Create a Post on Dibbs within Minutes:

All in all, the Dibbs marketplace was designed with you in mind. We understand the frustrations you may have felt with other online home renovation tools and can assure you that we are not the same. Download the app today and see for yourself – what do you have to lose? It’s seriously free.