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Dibbs Featured on Top News USA

 Dibbs was recently featured on Top News USA. The article discusses how with the Dibbs app “Users can compete, win bids and complete transactions using


Dibbs Featured on Providence Business News

Dibbs Technology develops real estate marketplace app for Android and iOS Dibbs was recently featured on Providence Business News. The article discusses how Dibbs has


Dibbs Featured on Valiant CEO

Luke Fleury CEO of Dibbs Technology – Connecting Trusted Professionals for the Best Rates Dibbs CEO Luke Fleury was recently featured on Valiant CEO. In

yahoo finance feature

Dibbs Featured on Yahoo Finance

Creating a Marketplace Like no Other in the Construction Industry. Dibbs was recently featured on Yahoo Finance. In the article, they discuss how Dibbs is

3d printing
Industry Updates

3D Printing in the Construction Industry

It may come as a surprise to some but 3D printing is not new technology. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, was first created


Dibbs Featured on Startup to Follow

Improve the construction industry with Dibbs.  Dibbs was recently featured on Startup to Follow. In the article, they discuss how Dibbs is disrupting the construction

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