Home Renovation Horror Stories

The last thing you want when paying thousands of dollars for a home renovation is for it to not go as planned. We have compiled a list of the worst home renovation horror stories and tips on how these horror renovations could have been prevented. Have a home renovation horror story you want to share? Check out our page and send us a DM to be featured!  

Home Renovation Story 1 – ‘You Get What You Paid For’

A run-of-the-mill flipping project turned into a nightmare for a homeowner, Ross when he tried to be nice and give some extra work to his gardener. Something a lot of us most likely think of doing.

“I wanted to put new siding on the house to give it a fresh look,” said Ross. “My yard guy asked me if he could do the job. I was pressed for time because I was going on vacation, and he gave me a super deal. I gave him the go-ahead and left him money for supplies.”

“When I got home, I found he put the new siding over the old instead of taking it down,” he said. “He also used long nails with a nail gun and damaged the electrical wires in the wall. Now half the outlets in the home don’t work. I refused to pay him and demanded he pay to fix my electrical system and redo the siding correctly.”

“He said he would, but it would cost me more than double, so I fired him,” said Ross. “The next morning, I found my truck with four tires slashed.”

How could this have been avoided?

The homeowner learned a valuable lesson from this mess of a home renovation job.

“Never hire someone new for a job and leave them unsupervised,” he said. “Don’t hire a yard guy to do contractor’s work, and if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

It may sound like a silly mistake but this mistake can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

It’s important to do your research when hiring contractors. Ensure the professional is vetted and read reviews. Reviews are powerful and will tell the full story of the professional you are looking to work with. Dibbs is a great way to speak with professionals and receive multiple bids for a project before you move forward with one.

Home Renovation Story 2 – ‘Took 3 Years Longer’

A remodeling project in McLean, Va.,  was supposed to take one year. Instead, it took nearly three years and cost 70 percent more than the original contract price.

“We’ve renovated many homes before and had remodeled the first floor of our home with a builder who did an excellent job,” shares the homeowner. “Unfortunately, when we hired him again to redo our upper level and add a garage and bonus room, the experience turned into an absolute nightmare that was extremely disruptive to our kids and to our lives.”

“After 20 months, the builder abandoned the project with hundreds of items left incomplete, including the floors and the heating and air conditioning system,” says Timmons the homeowner.

Sliding doors were installed upside down, sloppy paint jobs were half completed and the list goes on and on.

The pair received a bill of over $100,000 of materials and work and the renovation was still not completed. The homeowners hired to hire a home renovation rescue company to come in and do damage control after living in their basement with their children to allow the builder to do the renovations.

How could this have been avoided?

The homeowners never saw this coming. They were happy with the builder’s previous worked and enjoyed their relationship. However, when builders complete one job it is important to continue to vet them for additional work.

Homeowners often try to make it work with the current contractor. however, if that relationship is fully broken (which in this case it was) a new contractor can and should be brought in to examine the home.

Hiring companies for larger projects that can have a supervisor on site could have saved these homeowners a lot of stress. As always, do your research when working with professionals and ensure they have a certified team to avoid wasting time and money on renovations.

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Home Renovation Story 3 – ‘When the Pros Get it Wrong’

This homeowner had a simple rack installation she needed to be completed in her garage.

“And as I initially lacked the tool and to save time (I now know this was a mistake), I booked a Garage Ceiling Rack installation service via Angi.” shared the homeowner.

After the service pro cancelled the appointment last minute the new pro that came to complete the job left the homeowner with holes in her wall and a ceiling rack that still needed to be set up.

The pro caused the homeowner several issues:

  1. Asked for a stud finder after already drilling holes in the wall.
  2. Did not listen to the homeowner’s wants and installed a rack incorrectly. There was no space left for the additional rack.
  3. The contractor, drilled 16 extra holes.  16 extra holes. The manual of the racks stated to drill 3/16″ and 3-inch deep pilot holes.
  4. Installed the beams incorrectly causing stress to the homeowner as this installation was not safe.

Frustrated and after spending money and time with this pro, the homeowner contacted the service provider (Angi) and instead of helping to resolve the issue and preventing any additional stress to the homeowner, the provider simply gave them their money back. Needless to say, this homeowner will not be using Angi’s services again.

How could this have been avoided?

Unfortunately for Angi, this homeowner is not the first that has had issues with the pros. Next time, the homeowner will be sure to use a different platform such as Dibbs to find professionals in their area.

With Dibbs, professionals are vetted and trusted for the services you are looking for. In addition, your information is not being sold to other vendors who may not be on the platform.

It’s important for homeowners to do their research when working with new vendors and professionals. This will help to prevent any stress and issues on your home renovation.

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Home Renovation Story 4 – What’s that on the Ceiling?

This family in Central Texas tried to save a few dollars on a bedroom paint job in their primary bedroom after buying the home.  This paint job ended up being far from a quality job. The ceiling which was painted a dark navy color (that the family did not want originally but accepted to move the renovation along) started to look a little bubbly and wet shortly after the job was completed.

“I noticed what looked almost like wet water droplets from the moisture growing on the ceiling,” shared the homeowner, “At first, we chalked it up to the Texas humidity, but after a few days, something started to feel ‘off.’

When the homeowner got to the ceiling he was easily able to scratch off the paint and could tell instantly that there was mold on the walls. This was why the ceiling was painted a dark blue color, not the color they originally wanted!

Luckily for these homeowners, the original contractor came back to remove the mold, clean the walls and re-paint the walls in the color the homeowners originally asked for.

How could this have been avoided?

When you buy a new home it is important to ensure you have an inspector come and review the home. An inspection is a visual observation of the house and will help to identify any safety concerns, health issues, and even mechanical issues the house may have.

But where can you even find a trusted inspector? Often times the realtor you worked with will be able to point you in the right direction but for those times when they can’t, there is Dibbs. 

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