Dibbs 10K Home Improvement Giveaway 2022

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Post a project on Dibbs describing what home renovation service you are looking for! Doesn’t matter what the project is; kitchen, bathroom, you name it! 

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Copy the link from your post via the share feature on the app and include it in your form submission! This way, we can confirm your eligibility and contractors can bid directly from the submission page!

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To increase your chances of winning, share your submission with friends and family! For each vote you get you earn points. The person with the highest points who qualifies will win!

Frequently Asked Questions

We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to the number of entries we receive, we are unable to change registration information during the promotion. If you are selected as a potential winner, we will contact you using the registration information and you will have the opportunity to update your contact information at that time.
The grand prize drawing will be held on or around 2-3 weeks after the end date of the sweepstakes. The winner will be notified via direct mail or email with the contact information provided upon registration.

There are several things that you can do in the case of technical issues:

  1. Make sure you are visiting the correct URL rather than a bookmarked page in a browser (you can find the direct URL in the sweepstakes official rules).
  2. You may need to clear your cache and cookies, or switch to an alternate web browser.

Contact our customer support team if problems persist at help@dibbstechnology.com or visiting our help center to chat with a representative.